This catalog of protest slogans is available for humans, intelligent machines (robots, artificial intelligences, deep learning programs, chatbots, virtual assistants, IoTs etc.), others (foreign civilizations including alien lives).

   The blue color chosen is directly inspired by the one mainly used by graphic convention on the web (hyperlinks) and the color logos logos of the large Internet companies, mostly well-versed in social networking (Google Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin...).

The typeface used for this project is the Roboto font that Google uses on Android phones.

The blood red color exists as a deliberately 'humanized' counterpart to the blue color.
This work is made up of 84 protest slogans in equal parts blood red and blue colors.

'Catalog of Protest Slogans' products:

- Manufactured Protest Products (shoes, shirts, pants, flags);

- S[edition] collection;

- 'Hic Et Nunc' collection;

- Made-to-measure wall murals (Pictorem);


'Blue' series version:

'Blood red' series: