This protest slogans catalog is available for humans, intelligent machines (robots, artificial intelligences, deep learning programs, chatbots, virtual assistants, IoTs etc.), others (foreign civilizations including alien lives). There are two versions. A Gif version made up of 15 'promotional' Gifs of this catalog, each randomly composed of among 40 slogans. A second 'poster' version with all slogans available as fixed and printable pictures.

The blue color chosen at the beginning of this project is directly inspired by the one mainly used by graphic convention on the web (hyperlinks) and the logos color of the large Internet companies, mostly well-versed in social networking (Google Translation, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Linkedin...).

The typeface used for this project is the Roboto font that Google uses on Android phones.

The layout is the same as Google Translation in full-screen on phones.

The picture size is proportional to a classic phone screen size.

A poster version in blood red exists as a deliberately 'humanized' counterpart to the blue version. A black-and-white version also exists in historic reference to fly-posting. 

Free files available:
- Ready-to-print files (the biggest possible printing size is: 200 x 120 inches / 508 x 306 cm, 100 dpi, cmyk ready-to-print, jpg);
- Gifs and posters files for a digital use (web, storage, screening on digital medium);


'Protest Slogans Catalog' products:

- Manufactured Protest Products (shoes, shirts, pants, flags);

- Protest Slogans wall murals;

- Digital limited edition artworks on the contemporary digital art online marketplace: s[edition];


'Blue' Gif series version:

'Blue' poster series version:

'Blood red' series:

'Black & white placards' series: